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Did you Know that Salvation is a Development Process?

Being born again into a new life full of belief in God has been misunderstood by many. The right to become a child of God proud of the father's love is experienced by few. The idea then stands to be exploited to them who know God but knows not His will, and so we tell the people of God today that salvation is a process.

The process of salvation begins with believe. You have to convince your mind, your soul, your heart and your entire life that truly Jesus Christ was sent into the world because of you and all human race. This enables you climb the first step. John 3:16 prove this step of believing.


Confession is the seal that combines the belief in the heart and the life that is to be saved. This so far means that belief within the heart is not enough until the mouth confess that indeed Christ died for us and resurrected for the glory of God. Romans 10:19


One must recieve Him who was sent by God. Many people got salvation by belief and confession, but have not recieve the Jesus. Continue to grow so that you allow Him who died for us to live inside your heart. John 17:21; Matthew 10:40


A child of God ought to understand that God is in spirit, this will help him/her to acknowledge the faithfulness of God. The same will answer the many questions people ask about God. Hosea 4:6 tells the need on being knowledgeable.


A child should not only believe and confess but he/she needs to have trust in Him he has believed in. This is when a child of God develops a strong confidence in God, in matter that are regarded impossible in human capability. King David shows a good example in Psalms 23:1-4.


A child of God develops true love towards his saviour. This is when a person regards his life as nothing without Jesus, the love for Christ moves the child of God to levels which pushes other people into creating talks and stories to demote the person because he/she acts in a way others will not afford. John 14:15


The time the love of God have rooted into the heart of the a convet, a child of God begins to adhere to all the precepts and statutes of his/her saviour. He/she begins to call Him my King, my lord. The person does not wish to mistake God and in any case it happens they run for repentance. It's a time when Jesus says 'If you loves me obey my commandments ' John 14:15; Ecclesiastes 12:13


A child of God who obeys His command is caught by call to work for God. Inside the person is a burning flame that only targets a chance to meet God's people and deliver to them the message God has said. John 9:4 The Bible tells the response Jesus gives to tell why all must work for the Kinfdom of God.


A childof God grows to a level when he says to himself no one will afflict God or blasphem God in my presence, truth be said these people stand firm even to tell the evil doers they can not accompany them in the evil thoughts they have. The people stand firm on the side of God until they see God's salvation. Genesis 39:9 given a good example of a man of God who reached this level of defending his salvation.


A child of God begins to reign with Christ in the spiritual realm 2 Timothy 2:12


The reward is a promise to the children who persevere till the end and win the race that is set before them. They are called winners and they are the one who will inherit the Kingdom pf God. Matthew 5:12. This marks the end of salvation i.e when you see the crown of victory put on your head.

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