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Five simple ways to better your article writing

1)Learn your audience.

You should learn the people you are targeting in your writing weather young or old. And discover what your audience likes to read 

2)Use Images.

Post good images on your article considering your topic. Studies show that pictures remain in the brain for long than words. Pictures also make one to be attracted to your article and also remember the story

3)Edit your article.

Double check your article to avoid mistakes and make sure your article is grammatically correct and make sure your sentences blend well to bring up with a meaning.

4)Use simple language.

Make sure you use simple English words. When writing your article make sure you use a language that is easily understood by your audience. 

5)Do thorough research.

Do a lot of research on the article you are writing and also do research in Google to know what people search most through Moz keyword explorer. 

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