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Tips For Young People to Succeed and Live a Happy Life

Learn to fight in life, and never be discouraged. Staying honest despite disappointments, life always gives us change. A sloth or a coward always dies very poor. Remember that poverty is even more painful in old age, and now is the time to avoid it.

Do not try to please everyone, reassure yourself rather that everything you do respect moral rules. You will end up pleasing no one if you put yourself down to please everyone.

Avoid relying on your parents' inheritance, but instead learn to build your own inheritance. The good that one inherits from someone without one's own efforts is less likely to last. A man must own his own property, and for that he must work hard.

Stay away from bad companies because they will end up transmitting their bad habit. You have to have people who have big dreams for company, this will allow you to always see life big.

Take an interest in what is important, essential and leave the superfluous. Alcohol, nightclubs and other forms of entertainment have a great influence on our life. Those who move forward in this life are those who devote their time to work and reflection.

Set goals, make big decisions and force yourself to respect them. The first poverty is spiritual then mental before being material. If you want to have 10 000f, you have to dream 1000 0000 f. Build a career and make plans because a Man without a plan is like the water of a torrent which does not know where it will end.

Keep a great relationship with those you meet in life. Never show yourself haughty or proud, that will make you a great man. Humility is the father of glory.

Remember all those who extended their hand to you in the past, thank them as many times as possible. Also reach out to others when you can, it will capture the positive waves towards you. The happiness of a real man also comes from the satisfaction he brings to his entourage and to his community.

Always listen to others calmly and learn from them. You are never too old or too big to learn. Read a lot of books, seek wisdom and knowledge to remain a leader and a forecaster. The first cause of suffering is ignorance.

Do not marry in passion and haste, choose as a partner someone whom you value morally and physically. Marriage is a long journey that cannot be embraced with passion.

Draw in your head the person you want, look for where she is because if you have the wrong person, you will start again and it will have a blow in your life. Better to get married very late or even never than to do it to suffer the rest of your life. If you've read, start building your life now, and set yourself a course. Tomorrow will be too late

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