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10 Most Unique Buildings In Africa With Unique Architecture: See Photos

1. The pineapple building in South Africa

This particular building that is found in South Africa is unique looking at it from every angle. It's pineapple like appearance and shape makes it outstanding.

The three-storey building that us made of fibre glass and metal was specifically constructed for the love of pineapples. Pineapples are actually sold in the inside and the building even considered the largest pineapple in the world.

2. Lalibela building in Ethiopia

The building which is found in Ethiopia has been curved from a volcanic rock and it's actually a church from the medieval days. In 1978, the UNESCO named the structure as a world heritage site for its existence for more than 900 years.

3. The Shoe Guest House In South Africa

The Shoe Guest House in Ohrigstad South Africa is one of the most unique houses in the world. The shoe house has several accomodations for its guests. The building was done by Ron Van Zyl back in 1990 and the place acts as a museum in the region.

4. International center of civilization in Gabon

Located in Libreville, Gabon the building used to be a place of study of the Bantu people. The project was commissioned by retired president of Gabon Omar Bongo. Even after being abandoned for a couple of years, the structure was again revisited and now serving its original and intended purpose.

5. Nabemba Tower in Congo Brazzaville

This is one of the tallest African buildings and perhaps that is the reason why many have nicknamed the building, the Elf Tower of Africa. When you go to central Africa, the Nabemba tower is actually the tallest building in Central Africa.

6. Kagga kamma in South Africa

This happens to be one of the most iconic structures in south Africa. The building used to be inhabited by bushmen but now renovated to serve as tourist attraction site.

7. The St Paul's cathedral in Côte d'voire

This Roman Catholic church that is located in the city of Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire and was designed by a famous architect called Aldo Spirito. The cost of its construction was approximately $11.7 million and happens to be one of the largest churches in Africa. It has a sitting capacity of 5000 people and it's unique structure makes the building one of the most unique in the world.

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