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Importance Of Reading every young person should know.

From my story that l want to narrate .l want you to understand the importance of reading.

When I was growing up on the East side of Mfangano lnsland . I could not read and neither could my mom or my younger sister and brother . Only my big brother could read because he caught on in school,we all went to same primary public school. Football and athletic is what l can be appreciate of in my school. But the rest of school was a nightmare. l remember being laughed at and made fun of by other classmates, when the teacher would call on me to read out loud in class, because I stumbled over every word and on top of that l had l real bad stuttering problem. These were the most embarrassing and shameful moments of my life. I would get so angry, l would flip over my desk and run out of class. I got suspended a lot from school because of my bad temper. Sometimes l would ditch school to avoid being laughed at and made fun of. I failed two grades while in gramar school because I ditched too many days,got suspended a lot and couldn't do the work. Because l could not Read. A couple of times l was passed on to the next class when l shouldn't have been. I was not a bad kind. I just was ashamed that l couldn't Read and I felt no one cared. I was headed down the wrong path in my young life.

My mom loved me with all her heart but she didn't know what to do with me. She was afraid that l would become a menace to society so she tried all possible she could to make me who l am now. So to everyone (especially the pupils and students) going the same problem let not that inder u from your studies.l am glad that from my story u will understand importance of being able to read. Focus on your books to avoid the despises and the difficult situations l went through.

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