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The Historical Story Of Dedan Kimanthi And How He Led The Mau Group

Among top Kenya's legends we have Dedan Kimanthi who led the Mau Mau fighters on Mount Kenya to fight against British soldiers. Let's see much about this guy who's recognized historically as Kenya's founding father. So Dedan was born in Nyeri county and raised by his mom since the father died a month before he was born. He attended African schools where he perfected his English and became a very skilled writer. During his academic life Kimanthi was a very good debater and sometimes his rebellious nature landed him in troubles with the teachers. 

Later in 1947 while working in various places he met members of a new political party Kenya African Union which had just started. He showed great support in articulating Kenya's grievances to the colonial government and this made him be appointed as the secretary in 1950.

For the love of his country, Kimanthi and other men formed the popular Mau Mau.They took oaths that they'll not give up on fighting until they achieve freedom. His activities and compelling the fellow kikuyu men made him the target of the government. 

This now marked the beginning of the war which took place in Mount Kenya forests. But his determination and dedication to save Kenya came to an end in 1956. A British colonial officer hunted Kimanthi and finally managed to trap him in his hide out. He was shot on the leg and the capture stirred up a very tight war. The British charged him of being in possession of a Webley Scott revolver, which contributed to his death sentence. 

He was executed by being hanged in Kamiti prisons then the body was buried without anyone's knowledge. The graveyard remained unknown up to 2019 when Kimanthi Foundation discovered it in the prison grounds. Our great legend was married to Mukami and blessed with eight children. 

In honor of Kimanthi, Kibaki's government erected a statute of his image which really attracted many Kenyans. He inspired many others to fight for our nation and offered himself to pay the ultimate price for liberation of Kenya. We'll always give him hero tributes for the great sacrifice he made for our sake. 

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