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10 Strangest Houses In The World (PHOTOS)

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, some people choose art forms like music and dancing while others choose poems and prose. However, one of the most underrated forms of art is architecture. Designing a great home is not an easy task, home where people feel more comfortable than elsewhere around the world.

Although most architects design homes that fit properly in urban centres as well as in rural places, there are a few architects who wishes to stand out hence building strange houses that display some message. Thus below are some of the strangest houses around the world.

1. Auto Residence, Salzburg, Australia.

2.Aeroplane House, Miziara Lebanon.

3.The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea.

4.Upside down House, Tressenheide, Germany.

5. Transparent House, Tokyo, Japan.

6. Egg House, Beijing, China.

7. Gue(ho)st House, Delme, France.

8.The Steel House, Lubbock, Texas.

9.Giant Seashell House, Mexico City.

10.Hobbit House, Wales.

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Australia Auto PHOTOS Salzburg


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