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2 Weird Buildings Around The World

Have you ever seen some strange buildings that you have kept you wondering how they were build? Today there are many buildings in the world that are beyond human explanation because the kind of design that the engineers had used to make those houses are really amazing. The engineers had done enough research on how to improve the quality of the building.

In this article, we are going to see some of the breath taking building that today have caught the attention of millions of people around the world, because the buildings have been erected in such a sophisticated way, this has been done by the use of modern machines.

1. Wing shaped Zayed national museum in United Arab Emirates.

This museum has been one of the best tourist attraction sites so some years since the time of it’s building, it is situated in Saadiyat island in Abu Dhabi. The reason why it is the best tourist attraction is because it is build in a design of a Five wing shape. The building showcases social and economic activities of the people by hosting poetic people.

2. Basket building in USA.

There is an amazing building that was build many years ago in USA, the building is in the form of a basket, the reason is because the engineers wanted to build something unique that could attract the attention of people and to also portray their skills. The building is 160 times larger than the Longaberger basket, the designers went further ahead to even add handle like structures in the building.

The building has been acting as an headquarters for many years now for a Longaberger basketball company which is situated in Ohio city in the United States of America. The company chose this building because of its amazing design.

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