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Origin of Coronation and What Late President Moi Did After His Coronation

Kitoror during coronations means to elevate someone to a new status to be near God,Tororot or Netoror. Dr William Kipchirchir araap Kiprutto,the president-elect was coronated(Kitoror) in 2005 in Eldoret elevating him to be near God. The late President Kapkorios arap Kipmoi also went through the same coronation in 1957 in Kapsisiywa Nandi.

Coronate seems to be a corruption of konor or conor ie to place someone in high status. Kitoror spawned such terms like Neteru(gods of ancient Egyptians), Tororo Hills in UGANDA, Kiptororo Hills in Kuresoi, Nature of English language and other Germanic dialects.

Ki- TOROR means to place someone before God-Tororot, or Nature(God) hence Neteru of Egyptians. Naiteru is also the God of the Olmaa and Ilsambur people.Naiteru-kop literally means 'the beginner of the earth'. Nature is from the Kalenjin word NETOROR (GOD), Torot(Heavens) and originally from neteru gods of Kemeet as we learn in the book, "Egyptian Romancy of Hispania by Moustafa Gadalla, the American Egyptologist. Hence: Netoror-Tororot-Kitoror-Nature Kiptororo, Tororo, Natural, etc.

Once someone has been elevated or coroneted, he gains an additional 6th sense, an ingredient critical in leadership. After Ruto being coronated in 2005, former President Moi tried to pour cold water on the coronation ceremony only for him to be involved in an accident near Limuru the same week he discredited the elders who performed the elevation ceremony.

Any take?.

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