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Historians And Inventors

According to Steffani Cameron update,the reseacher and historian,the necessity is the mother of invention.The great importance of inventions is that it solves problem and changes the world.The modern era is argually the greatest time in the history of the world innovation.Inventions as brought in new technologies which spur the economy.These are the great Inventors in the earth that we stay.1:Thomas Avva Edison.He developed many divices such as electric power generation and motion pictures.2.Alexander Graham Bell: He was a Scottish inventor,scientists and engineer.He invented first practical telephone and telegraph company in 1885.3.Benjamin Franklin:He is the person who is remembered for establishing printing,bublisher and being an author.4.George Washington:He was American Agriculturelists and chemist.He invented 300 uses of peanuts and hundred uses of soybeans and sweet potatoes.5.Eli Whitney:He invented cotton gin in 1974.Cotton gin is machine that separates seeds,hulls and other unwanted materials from cotton after it as been picked.6.John Logie Baird:This person is remembered of inventing mechanical television.7.Sir Tim Berners-Lee:He is credited with inventing the world wide web,a network that people use to access to the internet.

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American Agriculturelists Scottish Steffani Cameron Thomas Avva Edison.He


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