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Comparing Kinshasa With Nairobi: Which One Is More Developed And Elegant.

Africa has amazing cities with most of them having structural designs from nations abroad. The warm climatic conditions, sandy beaches, and unique animal species render the continent special. Today we are going to make a comparison between two cities.

To begin with, Kinshasa is the largest and capital city of the Democratic Republic Of Congo. It has a national museum with rich cultural artifacts of the natives. Moreover, its strategic location makes it accessible from most African countries. Here are images illustrating its magnificent appearance.

Nairobi on other hand is the capital city of Kenya. It's an essential metropolitan area that houses the country's administrative offices. In addition, it has a National Museum and a National Park which attracts tourists. Well-made expressways and tarmac roads smoothen the movement of people and goods from its center to the outskirts. Have a look at some of her photos to help us juxtapose the two.

What do you think about the two cities? Kindly give your opinions in the comment section and follow us for more.

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