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When Words Of Hope Heal

There was a time when a young man was so much oppressed by poverty and he decided to think hard. He embraced the wise message that he was told by his mother, If poverty does not kill you,it makes you think harder.He did not despair to visit the homes of those who were rich in the area to learn from them.


One day, he visited a very wealthy man in the area.He had many shops,servants and vehicles and many animals including cats .One of the cats was resting on the sofa set eating buttered bread. He wished to be a cat but the wishes were not horses for him to ride that

When he went home,he told his mother about his novice thoughts of envying a rich man's cat."My son,advised the mother"you are not a cat but a lion "She advised. His mother.'s"counsel changed his mind and he started to sooth his miserable minds by writing poems as boys do to please their

I wanted to be a cat

But mother told me

Son be a lion in you

Then I wanted to be a pumpkin

But mother told me to be water Mellon in mephoto:Wsmatermelon.

I insisted to be bitter lemon

But mother told me

Son there is lemonade in you

Stay in your hour that shines like water

She asked is it water?

Those last words haunt me

What might your last words

On Earth when you go.

My mother chose well

For me with love

I don't mourn her

For Iam dry of years.

That no none hears

But she alone with the lion in me.

What is in you?See it,say it and size it.Be a lion fophoto:Lion.

This is the beauty of poetry

Words in their diction.

If you do not enjoy it

Say it and try it.It is in you blossoming flower.Not flowers for the gravebut mature ones fir flowers.

But I do not mourn her.Because she went incarnate in her own words.Wise people do not die because their words are incarnate.

Mother said a lion in me.

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Words Of Hope


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