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These Funny Pictures Are Guaranteed to Turn Any Frown Upside-Down

A picture is a design or representation made by various means such as painting, drawing, or photography.This gives a visual representation of a drawing,object by its colour.Pictures come in different trims others are meant to make someone happy,feel great and even to make he/she spacious.Funny pictures are a quick and easy cure they make someone be cool and have good moments if he might be having stress and even life issues.Pictures are incredibly important as they not only allow us to capture a certain moment in time, but also preserve it for generations to come and so are able to relive the wonderful memory.

Pictures are a way to capture by freezing in time these moments we can’t hold on to but would like to live again. Moments such as a baby’s first steps, infancy childhood in general, the first day of school all the way through college graduation, weddings, anniversaries, landmark birthdays, homecomings.

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