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The Four Tallest Statues In The World's History

In the world there are different types of statues  some have a very high height that you even need an elevator to go to it's highest point. Some statues are made to keep on remembering past heros of some countries and other are made as buddha in some countries like China. For this reason I decided to write this amazing article and share with you more information about the most tallest statues in this planet earth.

1. Grand Buddha - Ling Shan in China.

The Grand Buddha statue at Ling Shan is also know as Lingshan Da Fo and is located near Lake Tai in Jiangsu Province. This bronze Amitabha Buddha statue is regal and completely made with bronze. It weighs a whopping weight of 700 tonnes and is a landmark of the region and a pride of the country. The height of this statue is 88 meters that also includes the 9 meters lotus pedestal. The statue is surrounded by some buddhist and Hindu temples.

2. Great Buddha in Thailand.

It is also known as the Big Buddha Statue of Thailand. The towering statue is located in Wat Muang Temple of the Ang Thong Province. It took 18 years to complete this statue and is made of concrete but painted in the signature Thai-Gold. The buddha depicted here is sakyamuni buddha in Maravijaya attitude which means calm and composedin Thai Buddhist art traditions. Towering at 92 meters , this statue was declared the tallest statue in Thailand in 2018, second tallest in South East Asia and the 9th tallest in the world.

3. Peter The Great in Moscow Russia.

It has a whopping height of 98 meters, this statue commemorates 300 years of the Russian Navy which great king of Russia, King Peter I had established. Located at the confluence of the Moskva River and Vodootvodny canal, this statue easily weighs over 1000 tonnes. Built in stainless steel, bronze and copper, this statue is quite a stunning landmark in the city. But there was rumours of the locals trying to get this statue moved to Saint Petersburg, a city the former emperor favoured and helped build.

4. Sendai Daikannon in Japan.

This statue a beautiful and humongous representation of Kannon-Guan Yin in Chinese buddhism or avalokiteswara in Sanskrit, towers over the town of Sendai in Japan. The height of the statue is 100 meters and it was completed in 1991. There are 108 buddha statues inside the main building. One can take the elevator inside this statue because it goes up to 12th floor for a panoramic view of the city, and if the weather is nice, you can also see the ocean.

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