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Meet the Designers of Kanye West Sold Out Yeezy Shoes

Kanye West is a talented rapper who has is also a genius who can sell over 40,000 shoes in less than 60 seconds. The rapper is now worth more from his side business he started a few years ago. But who are the people behind his top-selling shoes?

Every successful person has some person or a team behind him who consistently pushes the right buttons for maximum output. And the team behind every brand there has to a designer or designers who do the design work and it's the same as the Yeezy brand a branch of Adidas managed by Kanye West.

As I talked about the team, Kanye has a team too behind him who does most of the work as he coordinates the work. He has many talented people who have never failed him evident from the success of the Yeezy brand.

So here are the members of the team behind the Kanye West shoe brand.

1, Virgil Abloh

He is a talented designer who also works for the designer brand Louis Vuitton. He has designed many stuff that's why he is qualified to work for Yeezy brand

2, Joe Perez

He is the creative art director at Yeezy

3, Demna Visalia

He is currently the creative director of Balenciaga and the co-founder of Vetements but works for Kanye West at his company.

Among others, are the designers at Yeezy.

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