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Meet Wallah bin Wallah, Millionaire Teacher Who Became The Highest Earning Author In East Africa

When a list of Kenyan legends goes down, there is one name which should never miss. This is the name of a man who set high the bar of Swahili which is Kenya's national language.

This is none other than the famous Professor Wallah bin Wallah. While many tend to think that he is from the coast region due to his prowess in Swahili, Wallah bin Wallah is from Nyanza

He is a well known literary scholar who has had a great impact in the country through the many books that he has personally written. The most famous book by Wallah bin Wallah is Kiswahili Mufti which is mandatory all primary school children in all classes

Wallah bin Wallah by the way is the greatest earning author in the country whereby he indicated that he is paid averagely ksh. 50 Million as royalties from the sell of Kiswahili Mufti textbooks alone.

Mind you, he has written many Swahili novels which are being used both in Kenya and Tanzania

Wallah bin Wallah is by the way a married man whereby he has Estallah Wallah and Silviallah Wallah as his wives whereby they have a total of six children.

He has an office in Kajiado County where he operates on daily basis. He was a teacher but he retired to focus on his writing prowess

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