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Six Times That We Have Been Deceived Through The Internet

Bermuda Triangle

There are many planes and boats that are lost at sea all the time, but we wonder why the Bermuda Triangle is so famous, but actually it’s just a journalist’s fairy tale. In 1950, Jones, a writer, was wondering how he could make some money. Therefore he wrote an article about the Cyclops, a ship lost at sea in 1918. He gave a spin of mystery by naming the article “The Devil’s Sea.” And the Bermuda Triangle mystery was born, a place at sea with the “anomaly” of ships and planes disappearing there.

Fake images

In some occasions when you see mysterious creatures or aliens caught, it might really make you think about life beyond this world. They may look very realistic with all techniques being used to create such images. For example the old picture on the left was taken in modern times to create a humorous view of American life in the second half of the 1800s. The mysterious photo on the right is a Photoshopped piece of digital art.

Unique planet parade

There are some facts that were made up either by conspiracy theory believers or people who just wanted to have some fun online, they include the appearance of the planet Nibiru that became visible from Earth or Mars looked large as the full moon and also the 15 days of darkness in November. All those facts were made up either by conspiracy theory believers or people who just wanted to have some fun online. Even if Mars comes closest to Earth, it can’t look as big as the moon and Nabiru’s existence is just a hypothesis.

Hacker warning

Social media users receives various hacker attack warnings that are normally pretty much the same except for the names of the mythical hackers. Even though hacker attacks could be a real threat, these warnings shouldn’t be taken seriously. Real hackers don’t need to become your friend on social media to hack your account.

Celebrity deaths

News about celebrities’ death’s always doesn’t mean that it’s time to start mourning. According to social media, almost all celebrities have been “dead” at least once. One of the last victims of a fake death was Macaulay Culkin, but as you can see he is still alive and looks better than he used to.

Money for reposting

Sometimes you can actually win something like movie tickets or makeup kit, but you’re not very likely to win money through social media. Many people believed Bill Gate’s generosity to give money for reposts, in fact, unlike the image in his hands, Bill Gates is real in this photo.

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