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I Lost My Sight Due To Depression But I Did not Stop working:Lady Narrates.

Elizabeth narrates how she lost her sight due t depression but that didn't stop her from working at all.

She claims that she grew up just like any other kids went to school and graduated in catering and hospitality.

Elizabeth claims that she started working after collage and because she was on night shift she lost many friends because in day time she used to sleep.

She claims that after she lost her job she was stressed and this caused her to go into depression since she had no one to share her problems.

One day she was at the house and she realized she could not see well and went to the hospital where the doctor told her that she will never see again.

Elizabeth claims that although it was not easy she accepted herself and started working where she now own a massage palace and does the Japanese massage despite her disability.

She says that she enjoys doing her work and urges people who are out there with disabilities to believe in their self and do something to make end mets.

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