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"Enyewe Tumetoka Mbali" Take A Look At These Stunning Olden Materials Before Advancement

Before this era of sophistication, the life of man was very simple and natural. That is, man did everything manually without the help of the current automated machines.

As a matter of fact, man dug their farms using simple tools like hoes and sticks. This is not evident today because most of the operations done in the farm are mechanized.

During this period, there were no machines that were already designed to mile grains into flour. And as we all know, ugali was one of the staple foods for these ancient people. This means that they had to look for ways on how they could process their grains into flour after harvesting. The only way to do so was to grind the grains between two rough stones.

In the past, seeing a house that is roofed using iron sheet was a greater task. The roofs of these houses were made of grasses or makuti. Furthermore, they were made in a circular design and mud in the walls.

These houses were very problematic mostly during rainy seasons because they could leak right from every corner.

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Enyewe Tumetoka Mbali


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