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Literature Poetry

Poem that will make your day better

Response of the poem this poem is about love that is unattainable. The persona loves someone, but she can only dream about him. This other person has his own life. He lives in his own world which is complete, a world which she cannot enter. Where in the end she has to accept this reality.

The poem

I see you

The sky is clear today it will not rain. The trees beside the lake are reflect in the water and they dance on occasion dance tho the wind beat.

I sit at the water edge my feet tickle the surface producing ripples of excitement. I sit there reflecting on impressions whilst my image stares back at me, a blurred multiplication of numerous selves.

My eyes is driven on to survey the water surface for signs of life. A duck dives in probably to catch a fish. Suddenly my gaze in a trance sees your image it comes steadily, with unmistakable shadow of your past accompanying and vivid imprints of your present leading.

I sit there fascinated just watching the full portrait of you. The whole ensemble sail past I do not touch it I dare not to add to wait is so complete. Please don't forget to share and follow my page.

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