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6 Important Guidelines in Life

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Life is a complex and unique journey for everyone. There is no one advice that fits all human life experiences and problems. People usually advice others based on their ideals or their point of view. There are certain guidelines in life, however,which have transcended time and cultures. I have highlighted some of the most important guidelines I have learned over the years from the sages of the past.

1. When you are alone,mind your thoughts. When people are alone they tend to over think. Over thinking causes panic which causes anxiety. Over thinking magnifys a small problem or creates a non-existent problem. When alone focus on positive and solution-oriented thinking.

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2. When you are with friends,mind your tongue. A tongue is the most dangerous weapon. A single statement can start a war and end the war. Words can inspire,provoke and incite. I know of friendships which have been broken by just words. History is awash with people who have paid huge prices for the words they used. When in a group always think before talking,listen more and talk less. Let your words motivate,inspire and create bridges. There is an old adage which goes "it is better to be silent and let people think you're a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubts" .

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3. When you are angry,mind your temper. Being angry is always not your fault but remaining angry is always your fault. Never let anger make you do anything that you'll regret later.

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4. When you are with a group,mind your behaviour. Unless you are paid to be stupid, always carry your brain and conscience with you. Always act respectfully and with dignity when in company of others. Respect everyone, whether old or young. Remember that respect is a two-way traffic.

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5. When you are in trouble,mind your emotions. A man will find himself in trouble at any time and at any place. Nobody is perfect,you know. When in trouble always keep calm and try to manage your emotions. Try to reason together with others and you'll find a solution.

6. When God starts blessing you,mind your ego. There is a proverb which says that the more tall a tree is the deeper its roots are in the ground. No matter what you achieve in life, stay humble. These will earn you respect and honour among your peers and community.

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