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8 TOP Lessons From the Book The Power of Now

1. Life is Always Just Present Moments.

Rather than a story with a past, present, and future, this book suggests that all life ever is and will ever be is present moments one after another. This highlights the importance of making the most of the present.

2. Pain is Resisting Things you Can’t Change

We feel regret or fear about circumstances or experiences in our lives that we can’t change. This pain is unnecessary, and we should stop worrying about things we can’t effect for greater happiness.

3. Free Yourself by Observation

One of the key ways in which you can get rid of the pain of anxiety and stress about the past or future is to observe your own thoughts without judging them. Simply notice whatever thought is giving you trouble, accept it, and move on.

4. Don’t Let the Mind Wander

While it’s important that you accept all the thoughts you experience, that doesn’t mean you should let your brain wander without paying attention to the present moment.

5. Acceptance is Not Defeat

Accepting your circumstances means you can stop focusing on the pain that whatever negative thing in your life is causing you and begin to change it or act upon it.

6. Avoid Complaining

Tolle makes it clear that complaining is an essentially negative behavior that does no good to anyone. It’s also a huge roadblock when it comes to accepting the present moment. You should instead seek to adapt to your circumstances.

7. You Are Not Your Mind

You are a being of pure consciousness and love. Becoming enlightened requires that you first recognize your pure consciousness which is necessarily free from your body.

8. Enlightenment Means Openness

Once you’ve attained true spiritual enlightenment, you’ll be entirely open to love and will accept your partner without any conditions. This ideal state is one that all should strive for, as it is the ultimate path to long-term human happiness.

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