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History of Zimmerman estate that you should know.

For those who live in Zimmerman estate - Zima, What do you know about your estate?

Did you know 'zima' fleshed it's name from Kail Fritz Paul Carl Zimmerman, a adventurous German taxidermist who came to Kenya in 1929 as a university researcher, but stayed in the area.

It was initially surrounded by sisal and Napier grass. He founded the Zimmerman limited after his name.

Mr Zimmerman succumbed to cancer in 1971.'Zima' hosted Zimmerman Ltd, the second largest taxidermy company in the world after Jonas Brothers of the United States of America.

Taxidermy, for those not in the know, is the art of stuffing and mounting dead animals for display (like the early men that stare at visitors the Nairobi National Museum).

Before it closed shop in 1977,the year game hunting was banned in Kenya. Zimmerman Ltd also boasted a tannery whose by-product, includes: Zebra carpets, Warthog tusk beer openers, Elephant feet handbags, Elephant feet dustbins, earrings pendants, Shaped out of lion's claws and pouches fashioned from buffalo scrotums.

Did you know that?

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