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Sacred Meanings Of Tribal Make-up

Rich in cultures, traditions and languages, Africa is a continent with great beauty. There are many tribes, who live outside of the modern world, and have somehow managed to maintain their beliefs and practices. This people respect heritage that their ancestors left behind so many years ago.

Tribal make up has a real importance for this communities, as it not only brings a sense of bride, but also a way to teach the younger generation the values of maintaining their culture.

What are different meanings of this art of beauty

1. It can mean hunting, religious and traditional reasons, military purposes or scare an enemy.

2. It also functions as social markers, distinguishing boys from men.

3. It also indicates the status and convey a strong cultural meaning.

Tribal make-up is synonymous with beauty for many African people. It defines both an art and it demonstrates the social belonging of a person. Some people start with basic tribal painting as they rise in society, they then add many symbols to match their rank and achievements.

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