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10 Photos of the Sculptures from Around the World

In the world, there are many traditional monuments and statues. Some of the sculptors were designed from different convention. These are some of the facts about the different sculptures around the world.

The Mustangs of Las Colinas, Texas, USA

In the world, this is group among the largest groups of sculptured horses. These statues were made of bronze. They are one and a half times bigger than real horses. Into their feet, there are special fountains. These fountains shoot out water that depict an impression of a galloping river.

Monument to a handbag of a woman, Italy

This is an amusing sculpture found in Italy. This monument was first presented as an exhibition. 

Memorial to a computer technician, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The memorial monument is in form of a computer technician that has a chair, table, computer, and desk light. There is a jacket that has been sculpted on the computer technician, thus creating a beautiful image. The missing thing on the monument is the technician.

The Travellers, Marseilles, France

There is a series of sculptures found around the streets of Marseilles. Some of the sculptures have appeared in the modern art exhibitions.

Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat, Reykjavik, Iceland

In 1994, the Unknown Bureaucrat was designed by an Iceland artist and sculptor by the name Magnus Tomasson. This is an amazing monument seen in the Reykjavik city. 

Heading Shark, Oxford, Britain

This monument was first depicted during the 41st anniversary of the nuclear attack on Nagasaki. The nuclear attack ended the World War II. The monument reveals a beautiful scene that looks like a deadly lethal weapon falling from the sky.

De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium

In 1985, the statue was erected in the area of Molenbeek, Brussels. The scene of this monument shows a comedy sketch. The comedy sketch shows a man emerging from a manhole, while underneath the hole there is a policeman pulling his feet. The writer of the sculptor is a Belgian national by the name Tom Frantzen.

Memorial to Nelson Mandela, South Africa

Nelson Mandela monument is made from 50 steel columns, which represents 50 years of his arrest and public persecution. When you see the steel columns, they look like clump of holes.

Force of Nature

Italian artist by the name Lorenzo Quinn created the series of sculptures. In the sculptures, women are shown holding the Earth in a length of cloth. The statues are seen in the cities of UK, USA, Monaco, and Singapore.

The Wedding Rings, Vancouver, Canada

This monument is among the unusual attractions in Vancouver. The wedding rings are made of steel, aluminum, and glass. The rings are stuck in ground, thus showing their strength of love.

Which monument do you know from around the world? You may comment, share and remember to follow me.

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Around Mustangs Texas USA


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