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Names Of The 12 Months Of The Year In Kikuyu Language You Didn't Know

The Kikuyu also known as the Agikuyu are central Bantus community. They share common ancestry with the Embu, Kamba, Tharaka, Meru and Mbeere. Traditionally they inhabited the areas around Mt Kenya including the following counties: Muranga, Nyeri, Kiambu, Nakuru, Nyandarua and Kirinyaga. They are among the kenyan communities that championed the struggle for Kenya's independence through the mau mau movement and Kikuyu Central Association.

Some minutes ago Kameme Tv through their Facebook official page they have enlightened their Kikuyu followers and non kikuyu’s who want to learn Kikuyu language about the name of each month of a year in Kikuyu language. According to them the following are the names in Kikuyu language.

1. January- Mugaa

2. February- Mugetho

3. March- Mweri wa Kīhu

4. April- Mūthatū

5. May- Mūgira Njara

6. June- Gathathanwa

7. July- Gathano

8. August- Mworia Nyoni

9. September- Mūgaa wa Keerī

10. October- Mwania Thenge

11. November- Kanyua Hūngū

12. December- Gatumu

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