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The River that Flows with 10,000 Books. Find Out More.

The word on the street is an annual festival that takes place in Toronto, Canada. They convert a road into a river of books and the public allowed to engage with a book of their choice. It is held by an anonymous group of artists who claim they want Literature to take over the streets and conquer public spaces freely. In the picture below, these books were donated by Salvation Army with donors in the 2016 event.

Photo Courtesy of (Google Photos)

The artwork is usually open to the public for one night, during which visitors immerse themselves in a literal flow of words and paper illuminated by soft lighting coming from the pages. They sit down to read, take photos and even carry some pieces of the installation home.

Photo Courtesy of (Google Photos).

Due to the COVID-19 regulations, this year's event will be held virtually. Storytelling, ideas and imaginations will be featured. Registration will take place in September and as always, it's free.Find out more on their website,

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