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How I JoIned Operanews, Here Are Some Tips To Change Your Life As A writer

We all have a passion for something in any field of life especially now that Covid-19 is here for some time the common mwanainchi is going through a lot to make ends meet.

But that is all about to change now that we will share an amazing way of earning some money while writing in Opera News as a content creator.

Note that this is not a get-rich-quick platform but I guarantee you a steady flow of income every month if you only follow the rules of the platform.

One is allowed to write and publish quality news and articles with credible evidence of the source and Its accuracy which would support your article when it's being reviewed for publication.

I joined the platform through a friend after he shared a link for me to try and exercise my talent as a writer let me state that my friend does not write nowadays here is why.

In opera creativity and lateral thinking are required you should be able to think outside the box no wonder one is identified as a creator not a writer in the platform.

The ability to create good contents that stand out is as good and enjoyable to the reader and also the editors when they approve a quality article knowing it will benefit the writer and the company too.

Opera has shaped me to become a great thinker not to approach matters in one-way perspective always, once you are guided as you attend various meetings you are trained on how to get better.

Opera is the only Employer that teaches you and you earn good cash If you follow the lessons, thank you for reading stay tuned for more stories unfolding.

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