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Countries With More Than 500 Spoken Languages in The World

Our world is full of fascinating, yet seldomly known facts by many. Well, this planet is blessed with many languages with diverse cultures. Some people think that their countries have the highest language speakers in the world which may be the case only for these three countries I am about to talk about.


Nigeria, one of the countries in Africa, specifically in Western region of Africa, has the highest number of language speakers in Africa; Making it the third on the list on the worldwide Map. Nigeria boasts with a total of 527 languages.

Second on the list is Indonesia, which has a total of 709 different speakers. Majority of these language speaking groups are indeginous with some having an effect in shaping the country’s national language.

Top ten countries with the largest language speakers in the world. Photo|Courtesy

The country with the largest linguist groups in the world is Papua New Guinea, one of the sovereign states in Oceania. The country has a total of 839 different languages.

In this country, the countries with statutory recognitions are; English, Hiri Motu, Papua New Guinea sign language and Tok Pisin. Tok pisin is the most widely spoken language in the country. Papua New Guinea sign language was recognized in 2015 as country’s 4th official language.

It's surprising that, Papua New Guinea's language speakers are at least as twice as the total number of spoken languages in the entire European continent.


How many Language groups does your country have, Share with us down in Comment sections.

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