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Why Architectures Can Not be Classified as engineers Even When their Fields are Interelated.

To begin with, an architect is one who plans and designs while an engineer applies mathematics and science to develop technical solutions to the architects designs. Most people have been thinking that architectures are engineers. However, here is the differences between the two.

Different Curricular

An architecture students studies more art related classes like Architectural History, Building, modeling, Climatology, art , appreciation, Rendering techniques, Sociology in Architecture, Urban planning, interior design and energy deficiency in designing. On the other hand, an engineering student syllabus would include more science, technology and math in subjects like mechanics, fluid mechanics ,strength of material limit stair design, steel structure, building and construction,highway, railway and airport designs.

Design and Construction

an architecture may not only design building. Some architectures tend to design everything inside the house as well. From furniture to chandelier to jewellery and cutlery. Some have gone further to design cars. On the other hand, an engineer designs and builds roads, bridges, machines, vehicles, airplanes and sometimes buildings.

The Mindset

Engineers and architect are programmed differently. An architect is always consumed by art and creativity during design, the spatial functionality as well as user comfort. A theoretical thinkers one might say. An engineer on the other hand designs construction and facility systems as well as building management systems. He executes the design onsite considering construction technicalities.


There are many branches an architecture can specialise in. Like urban design, landscape architecture, graphic design, interior design. On the other hand, specialist in engineering are various as well including structural, electrical, mechanical and and many other. This are the major differences between an engineer and an architecture.

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