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The Greatest Night In The History Of Television Ever In The World.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for joking about his wife in the national TV. Did Smith just do something crazy on live Tv and the whole world was in shock, so do you think he crossed the line. It all started when comedian Chris Rock, made a joke about smith's wife Jada being bald. You could clearly see that every one in that every one in that room, including Will Smith himself found Chris' joke funny, but as soon as he sees his wife's reaction Jada looking uncomfortable. Will Smith realized that something had totally changed his tone, and what he did next shocked every one.

This is intense, and so let me ask you something. "Do you think Will Smith overreacted, should we defend Chris Rock for doing his Job as a comedian or do you think Smith?" Because what many people who laughed after a joke that Jada shaved her head because she was struggling with Alopecia. Chris Rock knew that is almost like laughing at someone who is suffering from cancer. But then again he is a comedian. What would you do if someone made a joke of your loved one's illness? For myself definitely for my loved ones I would defend them. But an environment where everyone is a master of and speaking. I believe physical response is definitely not something to be celebrated. By the way according to your opinion who do you think wronged, leave your opinion in the comments section.

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