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Minicheps Gives Kenyans Yet Another doze, This Time She does the unthinkable

Photo artist Minicheps is known for her creative photo editing. Minicheps has been depicting her imaginations through pictures that she edits. Her work has remained to be among the best. She has skills that are not easily copied.

How she does her editing has since remained to be her personal secret. Nobody knows even the application she uses in the photo editing.

As always while posting a photo she never disappoints her followers. Today she posted a photo of a balloon that seems to be suspending her on air. This has left many wondering just how she managed to think and brink out such imaginations. She sarcastically quotes how the economy inflations is 'carrying' Kenyans.

Minicheps seems to be growing each day. Recently she was featured in one of the daily newspapers. She explained about her passion for art. She has also had interviews with some of the media houses. One thing she has hold on and refused to reveal is how she edits the photos.

Check out more of her work in the link below, .

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Kenyans Minicheps


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