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5 Important Pieces of Information that is Hard to find in Books

Fingerprints are hard to capture on older people

Time does not affect the fingerprints but as we grow older, they tend to become smooth making it difficult to capture or even track. This is due to the fact that our skin loses its elasticity with age, the ridge and farrows become less prominent

The sun doesn’t burn

We grew up thinking that the sun burns and no one is really there to explain all this. The truth is the sun doesn’t burn simply because there is no oxygen in space, as we all know; oxygen is the number one element that supports combustions. The sun does not react as fire or candle, the massive gas ball we see up there is something like a giant bomb that fuses hydrogen gas. In simple words, the sun doesn’t burn but it glows

Brown rice comes from white rice

The two types of rice are considered to be different, for instance one type is considered to be healthier than the other but the truth is that brown and white rice are the same thing. The only difference is that brown rice is whole grain, only the outer husks is removed but the white rice is heavily processed where most of its germs and bran are removed. Brown rice contains most of its nutrients and fiber but has shorter life compared to white rice

Astronauts drink recycled pee

Water is a very precious and limited resource that cannot be wasted especially when you are out of the world. Those people working in the International Space Station recycle water as much as possible by using their own urine. It takes 8 days to complete the whole process; water is a very precious resource 

A black hole cannot suck you in

According to most movies and even books, black holes can suck the surrounding objects into them. This is a misconception that is not true, black holes act like stars in terms of gravitational pull. They are denser and they occupy volume of space

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