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Avoid these 5 things that drain the anointing of God alone your life and weaken you spiritually

1. A scarcity of prayers

There is no way in the spiritual sphere that you will succeed unless you pray. Prayer is a tool that believers have been given to wage combat against spiritual dark forces and to gain an advantage over them. Additionally, prayer allows us to draw God into our affairs, where He intervenes and assists us. As a result, a life devoid of prayer equates to a defeated existence and a condemned destiny. To preserve and rekindle God's anointing and call on your life, embrace regular prayer, as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 instructs.

2. Failure to study God's word

During Jesus Christ's temptation, the devil challenged him to change stones into bread to demonstrate that he was actually the Son of God. Jesus replied to the devil, "Man shall not live by food alone, but by every word that emanates from the mouth of God." As a result, the word of God possesses the ability to maintain us and provides life for our spirits. This suggests that we should always study and concentrate on God's word. This serves to spiritually energize us and to fortify our relationship with our conviction about God. If you have not been studying God's word, please make an effort to do so; you will see a difference in your spiritual life.

3. Perpetual infraction

Sin frequently obstructs our spiritual advancement. Additionally, it depletes the anointing of God in our life, rendering us weak Christians unable of having an effect despite our faith in God. Sin can manifest itself in the form of deception, fornication, or any other type of sexual immorality. It is therefore critical to repent and seek forgiveness from God in order to restart God's fire in our life. Additionally, we should embrace holiness in order to walk in God's anointing and authority in our lives.

4. Arrogance

Pride precedes a fall. God, indeed, humbles the haughty and exalts the lowly. When pride takes over, we begin to dismiss God's work in our lives and place our faith in our own strength and intelligence. Additionally, pride causes a person to minimize the blessings God has given upon their existence, which ultimately results in failure.

5. Incorrect company

If you want to excel and progress spiritually, avoid the wrong company. Certain friends may deceive you and lead you down a path of failure and death. If they are unable to agree on the correct course of action, you are not obligated to continue following them. God will always connect you with the people who will assist you in achieving your goals. Simply keep an open mind and an interest in developing meaningful relationships.

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