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Meet The Dinka Tribe Who Scar Their Faces As A Sign Of Courage And Initiation Into Adulthood

Different countries have different tribes that exhibit different customs, beliefs and practices. These traditions also serve as an identification of one's tribe.

Today, we shall learn about the scarification of Dinka Tribe found in South Sudan.

For the Dinka people of South Sudan, scaring one's face is a rite of passage that initiates one from childhood into adulthood. The ritual is performed on both boys and girls as a sign of courage in times of extreme pain or trouble. In addition, the scars is a sign of Identity. To the ladies, the scars are believed to add beauty.

Different patterns of the scars are associated with different clans. The symbols therefore bring different people of the Dinka Tribe together as one. It is to be noted that the scarification practice is passed over from one generation to another.

Below are some photos of the Dinka people with different scars.

What is your view concerning this traditional practise? Feel free to drop your opinion.

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