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10 Special Photos That Can Show Us Something New About the World

There are a lot of mysterious and surprising things about people, plants and even animals in the world today. Here are few illustrations that will show us a another side of the world

1. This image shows a python with a swollen body. It swallowed slippers as shown by the X ray image so it required surgery. Don't worry, everything turned out fine

2. We are all used to knowing that rabbits are the one that like carrots the most, but here we see their strongest competitors; horses. 

3. This image shows monks entering into a monastery and the way they arranged their sandals just shows how disciplined and respectful they are

4. One of the luckiest shots you can ever take. Take a look at the top of the glass, it is completely blurred one might think there is no glass

5. Finding an animal with two heads its a very rate phenomenon and happens only once in a while. Here is an image of an Albino snake with two heads

6. Most people take coffee but they hardly can remember how the plants looks like, this is how coffee blossoms

7. This is a mandarin duck, a perching duck species native to the East Palearctic. This is the top view of the bird

8. It might look like a turtle leaning in a piece of ice but this image shows a turtle at the shore of a sea and foam from water. 

9. A space suit is one of the most advanced suits today that helps astronauts stay alive in space. Due to how it is made, it might be very hard to scratch your nose, that is why there us this device in place for that purpose. 

10. Flowers are very useful, one of the uses include improving the appearance of the environment as shown on in this image of a sunset at the Monastic Lake in Beshtau City where bog flowers are in bloom

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