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8 Weird Museums From Around the World

Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

New locks hairs were put on pottery shop back in 1979 and that is how this Museum found Cappadocia, Turkey began. Since then a lot of women have left their locks hanging on the walls and ceiling, more than sixteen thousand women have left their locks

Museum of World Funeral Culture in Russia

The type of tasks and events that are shown in this museum are quite scary. It features the exhibition of that process of cremation, mummification among other types of body preservation. I know most of you would never want to visit such a place but you can also see different types of clothes people wear to funeral and different coffins

Museum of Bad Art USA

The art in this museum are quite different from what most of you may expect. Actually there are some books written on bad art, and the exhibition can be seen when it is going around the world. The art are so bad that they ended up in museum

Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico

There are a lot of underwater sculptures and this one in Mexico is actually a museum. When you are tired relaxing in water you can take a dive into this museum which actually has more than 500 structures that are just impressive.

Instant Ramen Museum in Japan

This museum actually displays a cup of hot instant noodles. People go in there and just watch and play with the interactive parts of the exhibition. After the tour, you can be given a portion of noodles but the most amazing thing is walking around a fame of every noodle cup ever produced

Museum of Vampires in France

To those of you who have any idea what vampires are and their nature you will definitely like this museum. It contains private manuscripts, statues and other items related to vampire environment. 

Plastinarium, Germany

If you are that kind of a person who is interested in human body or you would like to study anatomy, then you can visit this museum and see all kind of bodies and different body parts. They are well preserved and you can learn a lot of details

Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum in USA

Over one hundred years, the collection of these dolls started as a private collection, today you can visit the place a see different kinds of dolls like Ventriloquist dummies, puppet dolls and some other things associated with this art.

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