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Opera News Hub is Always Keen on Ensuring Publication of Quality Articles

Opera news hub is a first growing writing platform that accommodate more than a thousand writers across Africa. This platform offers equal opportunity to all of them as far as the quality of their articles are concern. This is one of the most loved, downloaded and top paying as compared to other sites. The hub has strict rules and requlations pertaining to content creation and publication.

It is indeed painful for a writer to face article rejection upon publication. Good quality articles are hard to be rejected by the platform. However upon breaching the law guiding the platform, the articles never miss to be rejected. It is therefore important for the writers to adhere to the set rules and requlations to avoid their articles being rejected. Time is always precious in creating the articles. Never rush to publishing them without proofreading.

Rejection arise due to various mistakes that writers carelessly make. The urge to write emanate from the inner force and not money driven. Writing is a pursuance of career development. Articles are mostly rejected if they are fake, lack originality, plagiarized, grammatically wrong and violate the set rules.

All articles are subjected to scrutiny before publications are made. Most writers whose articles are rejected tend to throw blames to the hub before making reference to the existing guidelines. As writers we have understand that, 'today's rejection is a correction for tomorrow's perfection'.

Content created and supplied by: Cosmaskiprop45 (via Opera News )

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