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Great Tattoos That Turned Scars and Birthmarks Into Incredible Works of Art

Some people get tattoos because they love the aesthetic appeal, but that is not the same for everyone, there are also people who have troubling scars that negatively affect them.

Picture used for illustrative purpose.

Sometimes, just the mere sight of a traumatic scar will often force them to relive some painful memories. Thankfully, a group of creative tattoo artists out there decided to come forward and help those who needed it by creating some unbelievably beautiful tattoos out of unwanted scars to help people become confident again.

The transformation is so incredible you might end up crying, and it's something you have to see to truly understand. 

1. Hiding A Scar Like A Boss

This neat little tattoo looks like a welder leaving a bead behind when welding and we absolutely love it.

The fact that the tattoo artist incorporated the light for the arc welder makes this tattoo stand out from the rest.

2. Life Is An Uphill Fight

Kudos to the tattoo artist as he or she impressively created a tattoo that made us forget that we are actually looking at a scar.

It seems like the tattoo artist is a big fan of the cinematic classic, Forrest Gump, a 1994 movie in which Forrest (played by Tom Hanks) runs for days after Jenny tells him, "Run Forrest, run."

3. Nailed It

So the tattoo artist created fake nails on this guy's fingers to make them look normal. So, you can say that the tattoo artist NAILED IT big time.

It is such an impressive work that it takes time to realize what the artist did. We are happy for this guy as he no longer has to deal with annoying questions about what happened to his fingers.

4. Zip My Ankle Up

Some people find it difficult to accept a scar and try to hide it with a tattoo, but not this person.

This person has a fantastic sense of humor about their scar. This scar needed a zipper to make it look cool after ankle surgery.

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