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Meet An African Kingdom Palace Built Like A Big Snake With 2 Giant Heads (PHOTOS)

Before colonization, Africans had very strong political organizations based on kingship, chieftaincy, emperors that ensured unity.

Such kingdom that existed was the Kingdom of Bamum located in Northwestern Cameroon, a distance of 225km from Cameroon's capital Yaounde.

At the centre of the kingdom was the iconic Foumban Royal Palace of people of Noun. What makes the palace was the design of the building .The Foumban Royal Palace was built in 1917 and was the headquarters of the Kingdom of Bamum. It was built to take the form of a big snake with two giant heads. The entrance is the serpents mouth with two protruding long fangs.After the collapse of the Kingdom, the government of Cameroon has now transformed the palace into an historical site attracting tourists both local and international.It is now called Foumban Museum and displays Bamum arts from wood carvings to collection of Bamum weaponry.

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