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The society and modern culture

The society had its own culture and its own beliefs .Today most of the traditions are no more as youngsters are copying the western culture .Today I want to to talk about the increased number of lesbians and gays relationships in the country .

Many young people feel it's ok to fall in love with the people of the same gender ,some of them even get married and even adopt children .But how does the society feel about this? how hard is it for people of this nature ?how do parents act when they receive this kind of news ?how long does one take to come clean to their parents ?

Most of the people who come out clean of being either gay or lesbian tend to be an outcast In their own community , or they are stigmatized by their peers and spend most of the time alone .Others are accepted by their families but they are looked at differently from then.

I talked to a number of lesbians and they told me that some chose to keep it a secret since they are afraid to disappointing their families , but others told me that they came clean since they have to accept that's who they are .Some of the parents ends up disowning their own children out of shame .

The society today needs to understand that the world is changing and we need to change with it . Technology is increasingly affecting our day to day lifestyles .The increased influence of the western culture is becoming a part of who we are and how we raise our children .

So let's come forward en accept our brothers and sisters who turn out to be gays and lesbians,let's support them instead of abandoning them ,lets help them out instead of judging them .

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