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History; A Photo Of Mumias Market In 1905 Describing How It Looked Like

Mumias market in 1905.


Mumias is one of the towns in Kakamega county that was formerly known as Lureko. The town serves as the main business center and is linked by the main road to Kakamega town. Mumias was named after Nabongo Mumia who ruled the kingdom for 69 years since 1880.

Today we shall have a look at the photo that was taken back in 1905 at Mumias market. The market day at Mumias is always on Thursday. The day was initiated back in 1905 when people used to gather at Mumias market from Kakamega, Bungoma, Luanda and other parts of Kenya and do business. Mostly barter trade was the main way of buying and selling of goods. People would come here at Mumias market and exchange food with cows, chicken among others.

At that time there were no vehicles meaning that people would walk for a long distance to come here at Mumias market to do business. Some would even spent a night on their way to the market. Today everything has changed whereby money is used to do business, more cars and vehicles to transport goods from one market to another, and the mode of payment can be done digitally or cash depending on the mode of payment method you have.

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