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Was Jesus a Black, a Jew or a European? Meet Jesus's Historical Paintings by Different Early Artists

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Different artists have tried to paint the Messiah who is known as the King of the Jews. He is also referred to as the son of God that was sent to save mankind from the judgment that His Father had intended to bring. He therefore descended like a normal human being and grew up to the age of 33 years until when he was taken back to heaven. Since this occurred very long time ago, His face or photos are based on historical paintings that differ in design. The drawings have shown different designs some coming with the landscapes of their time and buildings which are found in different locations.

1.     Jesus at the wedding of Cana, Extract from the painting by Veronese. The same place where he is believed to have changed water into wine. Take a look at the drawing below:

2.     Jesus being represented as a shepherd-Catacombs o Rome: United by One person: Jesus. This is the 3rd Century illustration depicting Jesus as a Shepherd taking care of His Father’s flock. Below is the drawing:

Jesus has been represented also as a shepherd since the Bible says He came to take care of His Fathers’ sheep. This explains why Christians are referred to as the Sheep of Christ. In this way therefore, different artists have tried to come up with different images showing the face of Jesus when He was a shepherd. Some artists have drawn images that represent him when He was a young man. It is true that Jesus Christ was only 33 years old when He was taken to heaven and therefore everyone can agree that He was a youth.

3.     Some artists have also drawn Jesus representing Him as a Philosopher. In this form, He appears bearded or carrying a scroll of parchment. This means that Jesus Christ was a teacher of the word. He used to walk with a scroll as He unveils the secrets of heaven. Many people had benefitted from His word. Below is the drawing:

4.     In the Vatican Museum, we get a different image as the head of the 4th Century statue of Jesus. Take a look at the photo below;

5.     Another artist came up with a certain image that represents Jesus Christ having the head of an arse. The reason was only to make fun of a Christian friend. Other people have tried coming with different images that brings out Jesus as a revolutionary (Che Gevara).

Paul Says in 1 Corinthians that we are the body of Christ meaning Christ looks exactly like us. Genesis also gives a hint of how the heavenly being looks like. When the bible says we are created in the likeness of God then automatically we look like God and His son Jesus Christ. But different artists have different ways of showing the face of our Lord Jesus Christ since He existed long time ago and therefore we are sure that no one who saw Him would be existing to this day. More photos are as shown below;

6.     Painting by Rembrandt showing Jesus as a very simple Man which was drawn in Gemaldegalerie in Berlin (1648). Take a look at the photo below;

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