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The Nigerian Lady Gaining Admiration From Kenyans For Her Creative Art Concepts


Art is something that Kenyans have an unconditional positive regard towards it. They have seen all sorts of artwork from paint work, graffiti, Photoshop to matatu art, and Kenyans are really loving it. 

In Kenya, Minicheps is gaining traction form her Photoshop skills where she shares her art creatives across her social media. In a shot span of time, she has received tremendous sport for her work and her fun base is slowly growing day by day.


Another talented lady has been trending for her creative make-up skills. Her artwork is not the ordinary make-up art we are used to. She uses the human face as her canvas creating some of the most outstanding make-up artwork that has ever graced this earth.

Kenyans on social media are out here loving and supporting her work. She has managed to create a wide Kenyan fun base which translates to the thousands of followers in her Instagram.

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It is clear that Kenyans love and appreciate art. With well thought creative artwork, one can easily access the Kenyan art market. Many youth are turning away from the conventional ways of earning a living and gambling all their odds in the creative industry.  

There is a big untapped market potential in the creative industry in Kenya and other people from other countries have noticed it and are trying their best to get a share of the pie.

What do you think of the above artwork? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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