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Meet the Lady who Spent 3 Years Hand-painting the Quran in Gold on 164 feet of Black Silk.

Just as the Bible is a holy book for Christians so as the Quran is a holy book among the Muslim. This month is regarded as holy month among the Muslim as devoted muslim gather to worship. Devoted Muslim are also required to recite the Quran without any problem.

Events brings memories to people as they recall what happened some years back.Today I will like take my Muslim followers back in 2016 to see the woman who spent holy Quran in gold. The 33 year old regarded as Tunzale Memmedzade is being recognized by Islamic religion for her work of commitment.

The lady decided to do so after discovering that the holy Quran had never inked on silk. The artist considered this project as a masterpiece as she never violated any religious law because there are silk references in Quran itself. This made the holy Quran to look more attractive and thus more readers.

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