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Literature Poetry

Love Poem - If There Is Any Place I Would Dare Spend Eternity Without Regret Is Right Besides You

I have torn my heart into pieces to write this pin this poem down. This is like living in paradise, silent and living close to the person you love. Cherishing each moment, because the significance of your every minute together hits differently. If there is any place I would dare spend eternity without regret, remorse and fear it is right besides you. See, we are not like the others, those too scared to fall in love, too scared to get their hearts broken into pieces, we are not that afraid, because we are intertwined by strings of passion, true love like yours is hard to find . I do not know what would happen if I lost you, you are not perfect, but I love you that way. It is you I see when I close my eyes, Listen to my heartbeat, I feel lonely without you.

Poem composed by Loneverse the poet

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