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6 Ways To Listen To God's voice

God is the creator and controller of everything that is in the universe. There are many ways in which God can communicate to human beings. If you are aware of this ways, God's message to you might pass you. See these five Ways.

Listen to your thoughts

Thoughts cannot be created nor destroyed. They are just picked by our brains from some source there in the universe. This sources might be God's of Satan. Positive thoughts comes from God's source. To listen to God's voice, identify your positive thoughts and dimiss the negatives. Always embrace positivity in every plan in you life.

By listening to your intuition

God speaks through the feelings gerated by our hearts. When your follow your instincts properly, you are listening to God. He uses this power in human heart to give guidance and turn us away from dangers we may encounter on a path.

God's voice in the Bible

God is speaking through his words in the Bible. When you listen to a sermon or read the Bible for yourself, you are listening to God voice.

Listen to wise and trusted counselors

God is manifesting His true voice in work of counsellors. Listen to their wise advice on life matters. Seek their guidance because God is speaking through them.

Learn from your environment

We know that the entire creation belongs to Him. There are many happenings in our environment that serves to teach us lessons. For example by simply looking at how a hen feeds her chicks, you will learn to be responsible.

preaching the gospel

God wants us to spread the good news to his children. If you preach the gospel, you have listened to the voice of God calling you. When you feel to preach, it is because God is calling. So respond to God by acting on it.

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