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Why Socrates Contribution Shapes Today's Democracy And Phylosophical Study

Why Socrates Contribution Shaped Today’s Democracy And Philosophical Study 

Socrates was widely recognized in Athens and the rest of the world. He was born around 470 BC and regarded as an ancient Greek who contributed was planted on life, character, and influence on the modern world.

He was mocked in various art sources produced, mostly comic dramatists, for instance, the Clouds of Aristophanes. He was depicted as integrity, great insight, the man of argumentative skills tough go-getter in staged conversations by his admirers-Plato and Xenophon.

His life ended when he hit 70 years following the charge of impiety and was handed death sentenced by a fellow citizen jury through hemlock poisoning.

His death shocked the world after Plato wrote Apology of Socrates linked with the accusations and powerful advocacy in the democratic fight.

The document by Plato depicted Athenian democracy and up to date has gone under massive transformation after it was added on the Western thought and culture documents.

Socrates’ life was an object of comics during that century and on the other side was a representation of intellectual trends in contemporary authentic cultures.

Ironically, after the death members of his jealous circle praised him through writings and art which has sparked online conversation in today’s poetic work.

Socrates said democracy through voting should be regarded as a skill, whereby voters should be exposed through education, systematically not just random intuition.

He argued that without education it is irresponsive behavior and compared it to sailing towards Samos storm.

In 399BC, he was charged with exposing the rot of youth corruption in Athens, declared catastrophic experience of the foolishness of voters.

Later Greek citizens realized their mistakes after they forgot the distinction between the said intellectual democracy and birthright which dwells in today’s life. They said after his death that they have given vote dictatorship rule without linking it to wisdom, leading to systems they feared of demagoguery.

A team of jury tallying to 500 weighed up Socrates' claims and decided on his case and they did not believe that in the real sense only a narrow margin of votes could count 

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