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You Remember Biblical Moses And The Red Sea? See The Unique Bridge That Is Named After Him(Photos)

The Book of Exodus records the chronology of events when Moses divided the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to pass through after being pursued by the Egyptians. In Halteren,Netherlands,a bridge that fully depict this peculiar occurrence was built dating back to 17th century. Named the Moses Bridge,the bridge was initially constructed to shield Fort de Roovere from French and Spanish invasion.

The bridge was built in such a way that,people from far could not see the bridge. Covering 50m2,the trench lies like a trench and disappears into the landscape. The bridge was renovated back in 2010 and the height of the water in the bridge is controlled by adjustable dams at both sides of the moat.

The RO&AD architects built this bridge with completely waterproof wood and has become a recreational destination attracting visitors in hiking and cycling.

The bridge clearly creates an illusion of a water dividing into two parts just like when Moses did in Red Sea.

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