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Why They Are No Longer Special In Your Life

Sometimes it's after you lose emotional attachment to someone that you suddenly realize how ordinary they were.

Whereas you used to see them as special and to feel something magical between you, now you realize you're the one who brought the magic.

And that you held them highly in their mind which made them seem special. If you don't understand this you'll cling on to people who don't deserve to be in your life because you fear losing something special and irreplaceable and yet you're the one who bequeathed them that status.

Understand: no one is special or worthy of fighting for if they don't treat you right. Even their threats of 'you'll regret losing me' are mere wind.

The people who know they'll be missed never say it or issue threats. They remain calm because they know time will prove them right.

Therefore, snap yourself out of that fear of 'never finding someone like them.' The people who are worth keeping are those who treat you with the same kind of love and respect that you give them.

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